Ten fun facts about Brian Cox

Fact 1
He is a member of the High Energy Physics group at the University of Manchester, and works on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, near Geneva, Switzerland.

Fact 2
A new series, entitled Wonders of Life completed filming in June 2012, which Cox describes as "a physicist's take on life / natural history."

Fact 3
He co-presents Space Hoppers and has also featured in Dani's House on CBBC.

Fact 4
Since November 2009 Cox has co-presented a BBC Radio 4 "comedy science magazine programme", The Infinite Monkey Cage with comedian Robin Ince.

Fact 5
Cox is best known to the public as the presenter of a number of science programmes for the BBC, boosting the popularity of subjects such as astronomy and physics.

Fact 6
He has been described as the natural successor for BBC's scientific programming by both David Attenborough and the late Patrick Moore.

Fact 7
He also had some fame in the 1990s as the keyboard player for the pop band D:Ream.

Fact 8
In the 1980s he was keyboard player with the rock band Dare.

Fact 9
Cox has appeared in many science programmes for BBC radio and television, including In Einstein's Shadow, the BBC Horizon series ("The Six Billion Dollar Experiment", "What on Earth is Wrong with Gravity?", "Do You Know What Time It Is?", and "Can we Make a Star on Earth?") and as a voice-over for the BBC's Bitesize revision programmes.

Fact 10
Cox presented a five-part BBC Two television series entitled Wonders of the Solar System in early 2010 and a follow up four-part series, Wonders of the Universe, which began on 6 March 2011.

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Short about Brian Cox
is an English physicist and former musician, a Royal Society University Research Fellow, PPARC Advanced Fellow at the University of Manchester