Ten fun facts about Michio Kaku

Fact 1
His books "Physics of Future", "The Future of the Mind" and "Physics of the Impossible" have all become New York Times Best Sellers.

Fact 2
When he was only in high school, he put together a particle accelerator in his parents' garage. It was for a science fair.

Fact 3
He graduated from Harvard University as first in his physics class in 1968, and received his Ph.D. in 1972.

Fact 4
Art Bell, a broadcaster, refers to Kaku as "the next Carl Sagan", since he can simplify science well so everyone understands it.

Fact 5
He has appeared on many TV shows and films including "Larry King Live", "Conan" and "The Colbert Report".

Fact 6
There are over ten bibliographies written and published about Michio Kaku.

Fact 7
One of his strong beliefs is in the exploration of space and that the future for humans lies in other planets.

Fact 8
Under President Reagan, he and others joined an anti-nuclear weapons movement during the 1980's.

Fact 9
He has also appeared on many radio shows, discussing time travel and stories like "Back to the Future".

Fact 10
Although he did complete training for the Army during the Vietnam War, he was never deployed for infantry.

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Short about Michio Kaku
An American theoretical physicist, communicator and popularizer of science.