Ten fun facts about Lizards

Image of Lizards

Fact 1
Lizards have two pairs of legs and a tapering tail. The skin of a lizard is not slim but dry and cool. Their tongue varies in form and structure and can be either forked or club-shaped. Their tongue is very elastic and flexible and can be extended to a considerable distance.

Fact 2
There are about 3800 lizard species found all over the globe. The Gila monster and the Mexican Beaded Lizards are dangerous and venomous

Fact 3
Some lizards such as Horned lizards squirt blood from their eyes as a defense mechanism.

Fact 4
The largest lizard is the Komodo dragon which grows to 10 feet and is native to the Komod Island of Indonesia.

Fact 5
Lizards can shed their tails to run away from predators. This action is referred to as ÔÇťautonomy.

Fact 6
Most the species of lizards have suction cups on their feet and this helps them to climb easily. The Gecko is the fastest climber among all the lizards. Some species run upside down and backwards at very fast speeds.

Fact 7
Lizards move their tongues in and out rapidly to smell by tasting the air around them. .

Fact 8
These reptiles conserve water by excreting salt. They grow their entire lives and shed their skin when they need to grow more.

Fact 9
Lizards enjoy spending time basking in the sunlight.

Fact 10
Only some species of lizards lay eggs. Others give birth depending on the species.

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Short about Lizards
Are long bodied, cold-blooded vertebrates that belong to the class Reptilia.

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