Ten fun facts about Bears

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Fact 1
The predecessor was the extinct dawn bear, ‘Usavus elemensis’. This was a small dog-sized bear that inhabited sub-tropical forests throughout Europe during the Miocene period.

Fact 2
There are eight species of bears today. The large polar bears and brown bears weight 220 and 1500 lbs respectively while the smaller giant pandas and sun bears weigh less than 300 lbs apiece.

Fact 3
Bears have the sharpest sense of smell as compared to other mammals.

Fact 4
Most bears are carnivores though the Polar Bear eats berries, nuts, fruit and other vegetation. Their normal diet consists of rodents, fish and insects and unlike other bears, they do not like honey.

Fact 5
Bears hibernate in dens during the winter and are known to refrain from eating, drinking or urinating for months during their hibernation. They will occasionally come out if disturbed.

Fact 6
A mother bear wakens from hibernation sometime in January to give birth and to take care of the cubs.

Fact 7
Bears communicate with each other by barking, growling, whining and roaring to give warning, raise an alarm or display excitement. They run away if you make a lot of noise.

Fact 8
Bears are intelligent mammals and have a large brain. They are good at navigating in large territories and are known to have a good memory.

Fact 9
Polar bears are the most skilled swimmers of all bear species. They can swim at speeds of up to 3 to 6 miles per hour.

Fact 10
Bears have thick, shaggy fur, short rounded ears and plantigrade paws with non-retractile claws.

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Short about Bears
Are large powerful mammals with thick shaggy fur and belong to the Ursidae family.

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