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Ten fun facts about Polar bears

Fact 1:
The polar bears babies are much smaller than human babies when they're born.

Fact 2:
Polar bears have very good swimming ability and can swim a very long distance without any halt.

Fact 3:
A polar bearís closest relative is the brown bear.

Fact 4:
Polar bear feet are covered with small bumps called papillae to keep them from slipping on ice.

Fact 5:
The number of bears born to female bear is generally four to five.

Fact 6:
Polar bears belong to the class mammals.

Fact 7:
They have strong smell sense and can identify the flesh from far away.

Fact 8:
Polar bear fur is oily and water repellent.

Fact 9:
Polar bears primarily eat seals.

Fact 10:
A polar bear's fur is not white, they only look white because each hair reflects the light.

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Short about Polar bears

Is a bear native largely within the Arctic circle.

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