Ten fun facts about Vietnam

Fact 1
“Nguyen” is a very common name in Vietnam and seven out of ten Vietnamese can have this either as a first or a last name.

Fact 2
It is a country of national parks, there are thirty of them here. Yok Don in the Dak lac province is the largest and covers a geographical area of 1,200 sq km.

Fact 3
In 2013, Vietnam became the largest cashew nut and pepper exporter in the world and had outrun India in recent years. It is also currently the second largest rice exporter in the world and in 2012 stood at 1st rank in coffee exports.

Fact 4
Ruou Ran (snake wine) is a specialty of this country. It is a rice wine which has a pickled snake floating in it. This wine is considered to be a tonic and believed to be a cure for everything right from night blindness to impotence.

Fact 5
Six different tones are used in the Vietnamese language and a tone-change also changes the meaning of the word. This is why it is extremely difficult to learn the language.

Fact 6
It is the only East Asian language that uses the Latin alphabet. All other countries in this region such as Japan, Korea or china use their own alphabet.

Fact 7
Vietnam, Korea and Germany are the only three countries in the world that were divided during their history.

Fact 8
The Vietnamese “Khau Vai” annual love market is world famous. Adults and youngsters from across the country gather here annually to spend no strings attached passion-filled nights or to find soul-mates. The Khau Vai tribe is known to have practiced wife and husband swapping for more than a century.

Fact 9
In Vietnam, bells and not gongs are used to call children to school.

Fact 10
In a world where hardly anything is ever free, iced tea in most Vietnamese restaurants is. Some restaurants will serve free hot tea or both.

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Is a country in Southeast Asia and the easternmost on the Indochina Peninsula


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