Facts on Royal Medal winners

Charles Darwin

Was a British naturalist born in 1809 in Shrewsbury, England.

10 facts about Charles Darwin

Michael Faraday

Was a British scientist who made significant contributions to the fields of electrochemistry electro-magnetism.

10 facts about Michael Faraday

Paul Dirac

Was an English theoretical physicist known for his contributions in quantum mechanics and quantum electrodynamics

10 facts about Paul Dirac

Charles Lyell

Was a British lawyer and the leading geologist of his day.

10 facts about Charles Lyell

Joseph J. Thomson

Was a British physicist.

10 facts about Joseph J. Thomson

Francis Crick

Was an English neuroscientist, molecular biologist and biophysicist.

10 facts about Francis Crick

Arthur Eddington

Was a British astrophysicist of the early 20th century.

10 facts about Arthur Eddington

Charles Sherrington

Was an English histologist, pathologist, neurophysiologist and bacteriologist.

10 facts about Charles Sherrington

William Bayliss

Was a British physiologist who is credited with having made major scientific advances in the understanding of bodily processes.

10 facts about William Bayliss

Frederick Sanger

was a British biochemist who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry twice

10 facts about Frederick Sanger

John Dalton

was an English chemist, meteorologist and physicist

10 facts about John Dalton

Frederick Gowland Hopkins

Was an English biochemist recognized as the father of British biochemistry for his invaluable contribution to this field.

10 facts about Frederick Gowland Hopkins

Francis Galton

Was an English explorer and anthropologist and often called the “father of eugenics”.

10 facts about Francis Galton

Dorothy Hodgkin

was a British chemist, credited with the development of protein crystallography

10 facts about Dorothy Hodgkin

Humphry Davy

A Cornish chemist and inventor.

10 facts about Humphry Davy

James Prescott Joule

An English physicist and brewer.

10 facts about James Prescott Joule

Joseph Lister

A British surgeon and first to use antiseptic medicine.

10 facts about Joseph Lister

Mohammad Abdus Salam

A Pakistani theoretical physicist.

10 facts about Mohammad Abdus Salam

Timothy John Berners-Lee

A British computer science who developed the World Wide Web.

10 facts about Timothy John Berners-Lee

William Thomson

An Irish and British physicist and engineer.

10 facts about William Thomson