Ten fun facts about Joseph Lister

Fact 1
The Lister Medal, a prestigious honor for a surgeon, is named after him.

Fact 2
His introduction of carbolic acid to sterilize tools helped reduce infections after surgeries, making it safe for patients.

Fact 3
Before he graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine, he also received a bachelor of Arts degree in 1847.

Fact 4
He and his wife spent their honeymoon at medical institutes, making her Lister's partner in the lab as well as his wife.

Fact 5
He realized carbolic acid could be used since it was used in irrigated fields to cover the stench, and the grazing animals were unaffected by it.

Fact 6
After moving to London, he became President of the Clinical Society of London.

Fact 7
Under his watch, he made sure that surgeons wore clean gloves and washed their hands with carbolic solutions.

Fact 8
In 1860 he became the chair of clinical surgery at the University of Glasgow.

Fact 9
When he was conducting experiments, he used actual patients with compound fracture wounds. At the time, they had a high mortality rate.

Fact 10
From 1895 to 1900, he was the President of the Royal Society.

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Short about Joseph Lister
A British surgeon and first to use antiseptic medicine.