Facts on Consolidated city-counties

San Francisco

is the second largest city in the United States of America, and the most densely populated on the western coast.

10 facts about San Francisco


Not only is Jacksonville the largest city by area in the U.S, but is also the largest in terms of its population in the state of Florida.

10 facts about Jacksonville


is the fifth largest city in the United States, and the largest in the state of Philadelphia.

10 facts about Philadelphia


is the largest city in Kentucky, and the county seat of Jefferson County.

10 facts about Louisville


is the capital of Tennessee, and the county seat of Davidson County.

10 facts about Nashville


is the capital city of Colorado, and the 23rd most populated city in the United States.

10 facts about Denver

New Orleans

is one of the major port cities in the United States, and the 46th largest by population.

10 facts about New Orleans


Is a US city in the state of Kentucky.

10 facts about Lexington


is a unified home rule municipality in the southcentral part of the U.S. state of Alaska

10 facts about Anchorage


Is a US city located in the state of Georgia in close proximity to the Savannah River.

10 facts about Augusta