Ten fun facts about Joseph Banks

Fact 1
In 1778, he became the president of the Royal Society and held the position for 41 years.

Fact 2
Since he played an important part in opening the South Pacific to Europe, he is named after several areas including the Banks Strait, Banks Islands and Sir Joseph Banks Group.

Fact 3
His portrait, painted in 1814, is now hung in the Council Chamber of the Guildhall Museum.

Fact 4
Although he left school at the age of 17 after contracting smallpox, he left Eton College. He returned in 1760 to the University of Oxford.

Fact 5
His identification of 34 species of birds included the Great Auk. It became extinct in 1844.

Fact 6
In the collection of illustrations called "Banks' Florilegium", there are almost 800 species collected by Banks and Sydney Parkinson.

Fact 7
When he married, he and his wife settled in Soho England where they resided with his sister, Sarah Banks.

Fact 8
He helped finance William Smith and his quest to create the first geological map of England.

Fact 9
A genus of flowers called the Banskia is named after him.

Fact 10
In 1808, even after losing the use of his legs, he was made an honorary founding member of the Wernerian Natural History Society of Edinburgh.

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Short about Joseph Banks
An English naturalist and botanist.

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