Ten fun facts about Carrots

Fact 1
In 2011, carrot and turnip production was almost 36 million tons for the entire world, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Fact 2
The consumption of too many carrots can cause 'Carotenemia', which can turn your skin yellowish orange, especially your palms and feet.

Fact 3
The name carrot comes from the Greek word, "karoton", which comes from beta-carotene, the compound that causes carrots to be orange.

Fact 4
Carrots are biennial plants. Their first year of life stores energy in the root and the second year they flower, seed and die.

Fact 5
Though carrots have a high sugar content, they are also good blood sugar regulators.

Fact 6
Unless a person has a Vitamin A deficiency, eating a significant amount of carrots will have no effect on your vision, as people often believe.

Fact 7
While carrots can be stored for several months in the refrigerator, for longer storage, if they remain unwashed they can be placed in a bucket between layers of sand or in soil.

Fact 8
Carrots are divided into two categories: eastern and western. The eastern, from Asia, are yellow or purple in color while the western, from the Netherlands, are orange and come in various sizes.

Fact 9
In traditional medicine, carrots were used to treat constipation, gassiness, intestinal parasites and tonsilitis.

Fact 10
Though the popular carrots are orange in color, carrots can also be white, red, purple and yellow.

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Short about Carrots
A root vegetable, usually orange in color.

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