Ten fun facts about Latvia

Fact 1
Latvia is one of three countries known as the Baltic States along with Estonia and Lithuania. Latvia is also known as Lettland, named after the Letts or Lettish people.

Fact 2
The capital of Latvia, Riga is the largest city in the Baltic States and is famous for some of the best Art Nouveau architecture in Europe.

Fact 3
The longest river of Latvia is the Daugava, also known as the West Dvina River and its largest lake is Lake Lubana.

Fact 4
The currency of this country is lats (LVL) and one lat consists of 100 santims. The government type is parliamentary democracy.

Fact 5
The official languages of Latvia are Latvian, and the second most common language is Russian.

Fact 6
Most people in this country follow the Protestant religion except for the southeastern region of Latgalia, where most of the people are Roman Catholics.

Fact 7
Latvia experiences 4 distinct seasons. The summers are very hot; autumn is windy and rainy, very cold and snowy in winter and sunny in spring.

Fact 8
The natural resources are limestone, peat, dolomite and hydropower, amber, wood and arable land.

Fact 9
According to a worldwide survey, Latvia ranks 2nd best in the world in the global Environmental Performance Index.

Fact 10
The main exports are timber, wood products, fish and fish products, metals, foodstuffs, machinery and equipment. Latvia imports chemicals, vehicles, fuels, energy and machinery and equipment.

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Short about Latvia
Is a country in Northern Europe touching the Baltic Sea with Lithuania to the south, Belarus to the southeast, Russia to the east and Estonia to the north

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