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On Iceland it is illegal to infringe on the property of magical creatures
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Ten fun facts about Iceland

Fact 1:
Iceland have 13 Santa Clauses

Fact 2:
Fishing and fish processing is the main economic activity in Iceland.

Fact 3:
Iceland’s deepest lake is Oskjuvatn and is 220 meters deep.

Fact 4:
Only 1% of Iceland is covered with trees.

Fact 5:
There are about 270 species of birds in Iceland.

Fact 6:
The highest mountain in Iceland is Hvannadalshnjúkur with its 2119 meters.

Fact 7:
Beer was banned in Iceland until March 1989.

Fact 8:
Dried fish was used for money in Iceland in 1413.

Fact 9:
The Althing is the world‘s oldest surviving parliamentary body.

Fact 10:
Iceland was one of the last places on earth to be inhabited by humans.

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Short about Iceland

is a European island country located in the North Atlantic Ocean.

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