Ten fun facts about Ecuador

Fact 1:
The official currency in Ecuador is the U.S dollar since 2001.

Fact 2:
The currency that was used before adapting to the US Dollar was called Sucre.

Fact 3:
The main industries in Ecuador are petroleum, food processing and textiles.

Fact 4:
The colors of the flag is yellow for the diversity in the country, blue for the sky and the sea, and red for the blood of those who fought for independence.

Fact 5:
Ecuador has a lot of active and inactive volcanoes.

Fact 6:
Ecuador was the first nation in 2008 to declare that nature has constitutional rights.

Fact 7:
The official language in Ecuador is Spanish, in addition to some native languages spoken.

Fact 8:
95% of Ecuador's population is Roman Catholic and the other 5% is made up of members of various other religions.

Fact 9:
Ecuador’s Independence Day is on August 10th.

Fact 10:
The capital of Ecuador is Quito which has the second highest population in the country.

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Is a representative democratic republic located in South America.

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