Ten fun facts about David Bohm

Fact 1
He is widely considered to be one of the most significant theoretical physicists of the 20th century.

Fact 2
Bohm advanced the view that the old Cartesian model of reality was limited, in the light of developments in quantum physics.

Fact 3
He also believed that the working of the brain, at the cellular level, obeyed the mathematics of some quantum effects.

Fact 4
Bohm attended Pennsylvania State College (now Pennsylvania State University), graduating in 1939, then the California Institute of Technology for a year.

Fact 5
Bohm lived in the same neighborhood as some of Oppenheimer's other graduate students (Giovanni Rossi Lomanitz, Joseph Weinberg, and Max Friedman).

Fact 6
Bohm became active in Communist and Communist-backed organizations including the Young Communist League, the Campus Committee to Fight Conscription, and the Committee for Peace Mobilization.

Fact 7
He pursued his scientific career in several countries, becoming first a Brazilian, then a British, citizen.

Fact 8
Despite being raised in a Jewish family, he became an agnostic in his teenage years.

Fact 9
Bohm warned of the dangers of rampant reason and technology, advocating instead the need for genuine supportive dialogue.

Fact 10
Due to his youthful Communist affiliations, Bohm was targeted during the McCarthy era, leading him to leave the United States.

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Short about David Bohm
was an American theoretical physicist who contributed innovative and unorthodox ideas to quantum theory, philosophy of mind, and neuropsychology

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