Ten fun facts about Suva

Fact 1
In 2014 a plaque was given to an 119 year old building to commemorate its restoration. It is a Government Referral and Information Centre building in Suva.

Fact 2
The 1953 Suva earthquake, which killed three people and seriously injured 20 others, was the most destructive in Fiji's recorded history.

Fact 3
Suva is home to several prominent figures including Nalini Krishan, a Star Wars actress and Craig Parker, an actor from The Lord of The Rings Trilogy.

Fact 4
The annual Fiji Fashion Week is held in Suva. In 2012, the event brought together designers from France, USA, India and more.

Fact 5
Providing 12 of the national radio stations, the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation and Communications Fiji Limited are located in Suva.

Fact 6
The city has hosted the Pacific Games more than any other city, with a total of three times. Once in 1963, the first Pacific Games, in 1979 and in 2003.

Fact 7
The nightlife in Suva is not to be missed, with a number of clubs that stay open until 5:00 AM.

Fact 8
In celebration of the New Year, a street party takes place with many pranks including launching water bombs at friends and people passing by.

Fact 9
Suva host more more international and regional intergovernmental agencies and NGO's than any other Pacific Island capital.

Fact 10
In 1849, Suva was founded and became the capital of Fiji in 1882.

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Short about Suva
The capital and second most populated municipality of Fiji.