Ten fun facts about South Korea

Fact 1
In South Korea, an individual is judged based on his/her blood type. It is very common for a person who you are talking to, to ask you for your blood type and is somewhat similar to someone asking you what your sun sign is.

Fact 2
Age is calculated differently here. You are considered to be one year old the day you are born. This means that most Koreans are actually a year older than a Westerners age.

Fact 3
The number “4” is considered to be a very unlucky one in this country. Houses, streets and even hotel floors skip this number. In Chinese, the digit 4 relates to death and this belief got carried across to several countries in Asia.

Fact 4
In Korea, drinking in public is legally permissible. People will carry around open alcohol containers and bottles and have a drink or two, very casually while they are in parks or other public places.

Fact 5
Sweet Potato is a huge favorite in South Korea. You can find sweet potato snacks, main courses, desserts, cakes, fried dishes, crackers, chips, latte, bread and salad. And hold your palate- there is a sweet potato pizza as well.

Fact 6
You are not required to tip anyone in this country. If you do happen to leave a tip for a waiter in a restaurant, before you walk out, the person is sure to follow you out to return it to you. They think that you have left the money behind accidentally.

Fact 7
There is a bizarre concept of “Fan Death” in this country. It is believed that if an electric fan is left running overnight, it will kill the person who happens to be sleeping in the room.

Fact 8
In South Korea, people believe that they have to hide their shoes on the first night of every New Year. The belief is that a ghost comes and tries out the shoes that have been left outside, will take away a pair that he likes and bad luck will follow you right through the year.

Fact 9
The first cloned dog in the world, “Snuppy” was created at the Seoul National University in South Korea.

Fact 10
Newspapers are immensely popular in the country and everybody seems to have several favorites. There are over 60 daily editions currently in print.

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Is a sovereign state situated at the southernmost tip of the Korean peninsula and officially known as the Republic of Korea.


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