Ten fun facts about Chris Cooper

Fact 1
Chris Cooper appeared on Broadway in the 1980 production of “Of the Fields Lately”. He has appeared twice off Broadway in the plays “The Ballad of Soapy Smith”, and “A Different Moon”.

Fact 2
He is highly regarded for his role of July Johnson in the television classics “Lonesome Dove” in 1989 and “Return to Lonesome Dove” in 1993.

Fact 3
The majority of roles he has portrayed are government based characters. Popular roles of this type include “The Bourne Identity”, “Syriana”, “Jarhead”, “American Beauty”, and “The Patriot”.

Fact 4
While in college Chris Cooper studied ballet.

Fact 5
He was originally offered the role of Jim Gordon in the Christopher Nolan “Batman” reboot.

Fact 6
Prior to getting started in acting he was a construction worker.

Fact 7
Chris Cooper almost turned down his now iconic role in the film “American Beauty”. He has said that his wife convinced him to take the part.

Fact 8
His first stint into acting was in the play “A Streetcar Named Desire”.

Fact 9
In two films he has played a character that ended his own life in a garage. These films were “American Beauty” and “The Company Men”.

Fact 10
Chris Cooper was originally in the film “The Ring” in 2002. However, all scenes he appeared in were cut from the film. His image still appears in a newspaper clipping in the film.

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