Ten fun facts about Réunion

Ten fun facts about Réunion

1. Explore Rich Culture & History!

Réunion Island is a unique region of France, located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar. It is an integral part of the French Republic, and is one of the twenty-six regions of France. As an overseas region, it is subject to the same laws and regulations as the other regions of France, and is represented in the French Parliament. Réunion Island is a vibrant and diverse region, with a rich culture and history, and a wide variety of landscapes, from lush rainforests to stunning beaches.

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2. Capital of Saint-Denis

The capital of Réunion is Saint-Denis, a city that has been under French control since the island was first colonized in the 17th century, with the exception of a five-year period from 1810 to 1815 when it was occupied by the British. During this time, the British made several attempts to gain control of the island, but ultimately failed and the French regained control.

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3. Euro-Accepted Currency in Réunion

Réunion is a French overseas department located in the Indian Ocean, and its official currency is the Euro. This is the same currency used in many other European countries, including France, Germany, and Italy. The Euro is the second most traded currency in the world, and is accepted in many countries around the world. The Euro is also the official currency of the European Union, making it a convenient currency for travelers to use when visiting Réunion.

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4. Réunion's Diverse Faiths Share Heritage.

Réunion is a country with a diverse religious population, with the majority of its citizens identifying as Catholic. Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists also make up a significant portion of the population, providing a unique cultural and religious landscape. This diversity is reflected in the country's many festivals and celebrations, which bring together people of all faiths to celebrate their shared heritage.

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5. Réunion Creole: The Primary Language of Réunion

Réunion is a French-speaking island located in the Indian Ocean, but the most commonly used language is Réunion Creole, a dialect derived from French. This Creole language is spoken by the majority of the population, making it the primary language of the island. It is a unique blend of French, African, Malagasy, and South Asian influences, and is an important part of the culture of Réunion.

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6. A Tropical Paradise

Réunion is a tropical paradise located in the Indian Ocean, boasting a diverse climate that ranges from humid and tropical to Mediterranean. Temperatures on the island are moderated by its elevation, making it cool and dry from May to November, and hot and rainy from November to April. With its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant culture, Réunion is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a unique and unforgettable experience.

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7. Réunion Island: A Stunningly Diverse Destination

Réunion Island is a stunningly diverse destination, boasting the highest point in the Indian Ocean region at 10,069 feet - the majestic Piton des Neiges. At the other end of the spectrum, the Indian Ocean forms the lowest point of the island at 0 feet, providing a beautiful contrast to the towering peak.

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8. Island Economy Dependent on Natural Resources

Réunion is a small island in the Indian Ocean, and its economy is heavily reliant on its natural resources. Fishing, arable land and hydropower are all important sources of income, but the sugarcane industry is the most dominant. This industry produces sugar, rum, handicrafts and flower oil, all of which are exported to other countries. The island is also known for its beautiful scenery and tropical climate, making it a popular tourist destination.

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9. A Small Island Known for Its Diverse Exports

Réunion is a small island in the Indian Ocean, and it is known for its diverse exports. The main exports of Réunion include sugar, seafood, rum and vanilla, all of which are highly sought-after commodities. In addition, the island imports a variety of goods, such as manufactured goods, beverages and food, tobacco, raw materials, machinery and transportation equipment, and petroleum products. This wide range of exports and imports makes Réunion an important trading partner in the Indian Ocean region.

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10. A Unique melting pot of cultures

Réunion Island is a unique melting pot of cultures, located in the Indian Ocean and part of the Indian Ocean Commission. This small island is home to a diverse range of cultural influences, including European, African, Indian, Chinese and insular traditions. These influences have blended together to create a unique culture that is distinct from the mainland, and has been shaped by the island's history and geography.

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