Ten fun facts about Mickey Rourke

Fact 1
In 1991 Mickey Rourke became a professional boxer. He retired from the sport in 1995.

Fact 2
During his boxing career he went on a streak wherein he knocked out 12 of his opponents in a row.

Fact 3
In July 1994 Mickey Rourke was arrested and charged for spousal abuse.

Fact 4
While appearing in the 2000 film “Luck of the Draw,” he stormed off set after getting into an argument with the producers. The argument was over the fact that he wanted his pet Chihuahua to be in the movie but the producers refused to allow it.

Fact 5
In his most famous movie to date, “The Wrestler”, Mickey acted as a boxer who was past his prime. The performance was so realistic, he won the BAFTA and Golden Globe awards and an Academy Award nomination for it.

Fact 6
Mickey Rourke was originally asked to take on the leading role in the film “Beverly Hills Cop”. However, the part eventually went to Eddie Murphy instead.

Fact 7
The Producers of “The Silence of the Lambs” considered Rourke for the role of Jack Crawford. They instead gave the part to Scott Glenn.

Fact 8
Quentin Tarantino also offered Mickey Rourke the part of Butch Coolidge in “Pulp Fiction”. He turned down the role which was then given to Bruce Willis.

Fact 9
He is a Republican.

Fact 10
“48 Hours,” “Platoon,” and “Top Gun,” are all films for which Mickey Rourke has turned down parts.

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Is a well-known American actor and screenwriter, notorious for his explosive anger.