Ten fun facts about Russell Crowe

Fact 1
Russell Crowe is known for having a fiery temper both on and off the set. Due to his attitude many actors and directors have refused to work with him.

Fact 2
Russell Crowe has two cousins, Jeff Crowe and Martin Crowe, who were once both New Zealand International Cricketers.

Fact 3
Russell Crowe received his first lead role in a motion picture when he was 25.

Fact 4
After completing production on the film “Gladiator,” Russell Crowe and a group of his friends went on a 4,000 mile trip on motorcycle throughout Australia.

Fact 5
Russell Crowe never graduated from High School.

Fact 6
Russell Crowe is in a rock group that calls themselves “30 Odd Foot of Grunts”.

Fact 7
Three of the films that Russell Crowe has appeared in were based on articles that appeared in the magazine Vanity Fair. These films were “The Insider,” “Proof of Life,” and “A Beautiful Mind”.

Fact 8
Russell Crowe was originally offered the role of Wolverine in the film “X-Men”. This role was instead given to Hugh Jackman.

Fact 9
Russell Crowe has stated that he is donating his brain to medical science.

Fact 10
Russell Crowe was originally offered the part of Aragorn in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. He had to turn down the part because it conflicted with his filming schedule for “A Beautiful Mind”.

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Short about Russell Crowe
Is a New Zealand born actor that has appeared in many epic films.