Ten fun facts about Sarah Polley

Fact 1
She first appeared on screen at age four as Molly in “One magic Christmas”, the Disney film.

Fact 2
Show-business ran in her family- Michael Polley, her father acted with her in her 1988 film “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen”. He also acted with her in the 1990 TV series “Avonlea”. Diane Polley, her mother, was a casting director and an actress.

Fact 3
Sarah shifted into high gear, from being a child actress, with her role in the 1989 TV film “Lantern Hill”. She won a Gemini Award for it.

Fact 4
Sullivan cast Sarah in lead role of Sara Stanley in the 1990 TV series “Avonlea”, based on Montgomery's work. This role catapulted Polley into the league of top-ranking Canadian TV stars. By the age of 14, she was independently wealthy.

Fact 5
At age 12, she wore a peace sign (protesting the Gulf war), to an awards ceremony. The Disney executives told Sarah to remove it, which she refused. This embittered her relationship with Disney, and in 1994, she moved out of “Road to Avonlea”.

Fact 6
In 1995, while protesting against Mike Harris’ Provincial Progressive Conservative government, a riot police officer struck her and she lost two back teeth.

Fact 7
Sarah earned a second Gemini for her role in the 1991 TV series “Straight Up”. Post that, she quit acting as well as high school and switched focus to politics.

Fact 8
In 1999, Polley was crowned the “it-girl” by the entertainment media. This was right after her 1999 film “Guinevere”.

Fact 9
In 2000, she opted to act in John Greyson’s Canadian film “The Law of Enclosures” instead of accepting a role in Cameron Crowe’s film “Almost Famous”. The former was as modest CDN$1.5M budget film wile the latter was a mega-movie with a budget of US$60M.

Fact 10
In 2012, she acted in “Stories We Tell”. This was her very first feature-length documentary film and was premiered at the Venice Festival in the same year. It also received the best Canadian film of the year from the Toronto Film Critics Association.

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