Ten fun facts about Keanu Reeves

Fact 1
“Keanu” is a Hawaiian word that means “cool breeze over the mountains”. His parents knew this when they named him.

Fact 2
In 1995 Keanu Reeves was declared to be one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world according to People magazine.

Fact 3
Keanu Reeves is an avid ballroom dancer. He has formally trained in this type of dance.

Fact 4
In 1993 he acquired a bad reputation after being arrested and charged with drunk driving.

Fact 5
During his youth Keanu Reeves had a job sharpening ice skates. He also managed a pasta shop at one time.

Fact 6
At age 17 he decided to drop out of High School so that he could focus on auditioning for movies and television shows.

Fact 7
Three films that Keanu Reeves has appeared in have a state in the title. These films are “Feeling Minnesota”, “My Own Private Idaho”, and “The Prince Of Pennsylvania”.

Fact 8
While training for the film “The Matrix Reloaded” he had to learn over 200 martial arts moves.

Fact 9
In 1986 Keanu Reeves was offered the lead role in “Platoon”. He turned down the part that instead went to Charlie Sheen who won an Oscar for the role.

Fact 10
In 1991’s “Point Break” he played a surfer. To add realism to the part he actually learned to surf.

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Short about Keanu Reeves
Is a popular film American-Canadian actor most well known for his roles in “The Matrix” trilogy and “Speed”.