Ten fun facts about Scott Glenn

Ten fun facts about Scott Glenn

1. From Bedridden Child to Full Mobility

As a child, Scott Glenn was in very poor health and was bedridden for almost a year. Doctors had predicted that he would carry a limp for the rest of his life, but Scott was determined to prove them wrong. He underwent an intensive training program and, against all odds, managed to get rid of the limp and regain his full mobility.

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2. From Author to Actor

Scott Glenn had always dreamed of becoming an author, but soon realized that he had difficulty writing dialogue. Determined to overcome this obstacle, he decided to pursue a career in acting, and his hard work paid off - he eventually became a successful actor.

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3. A Reporter's Talent

Scott Glenn was a man of many talents. After graduating from college, he decided to pursue a career in journalism and worked as a crime reporter for five months at the Kenosha Evening News. During his time there, he wrote stories about local crime and court proceedings, giving readers an in-depth look at the criminal justice system in the area. His versatility and dedication to his craft made him a valuable asset to the newspaper, and he quickly gained a reputation as a reliable and hardworking reporter.

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4. Scott Glenn, Actor, Served in Marine Corps

Scott Glenn, a renowned actor, served in the U.S Marine Corps in the early 1960's. During his time in the Corps, he was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, where he served as a helicopter door gunner. After his service, he returned to the United States and attended the University of Minnesota, where he studied acting and theater. His time in the Marine Corps had a lasting impact on his life, and he has often credited his time in the service for teaching him discipline and helping him to become the successful actor he is today.

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5. From "The Baby Maker" to successful roles

Scott Glenn made his big-screen debut in the 1970 movie "The Baby Maker", which was offered to him by acclaimed director James Bridges. This was the first of many successful roles for Glenn, who has since gone on to star in a variety of films, including The Right Stuff, The Hunt for Red October, and Training Day.

6. From Hollywood to Idaho and Back Again

In 1978, Scott Glenn decided to leave the hustle and bustle of Hollywood behind and move to Ketchum, Idaho with his family. During his two-year stay in the small mountain town, he worked a variety of jobs, including huntsman, barman, and mountain ranger, while still taking on the occasional acting job. His time in Ketchum allowed him to experience a different lifestyle and gain a new appreciation for the outdoors.

7. From "Urban Cowboy" to Stardom

In 1980, Scott Glenn's life was changed forever when he was cast in the movie "Urban Cowboy" by James Bridges. His role as John Travolta's rival propelled him to stardom, and he has since become a well-known actor in Hollywood. His performance in the movie earned him critical acclaim, and he has since gone on to appear in numerous films and television shows.


8. 2,000 Push-ups: Scott Glenn's Incredible Fitness Level

Scott Glenn, the renowned actor, once astounded the cast and crew of the movie "Urban Cowboy" with his incredible physical strength. During filming, he completed an astonishing 2,000 push-ups in one session, leaving everyone in awe of his remarkable fitness level. His dedication to his craft and commitment to staying in shape is an inspiration to all.

9. Iconic Actor and FBI Agent

Scott Glenn is an acclaimed actor who has starred in numerous films and television shows throughout his career. One of his most iconic roles was that of Jack Crawford in the Academy Award-winning psychological thriller, "The Silence of the Lambs". His portrayal of the FBI agent tasked with hunting down the notorious serial killer, Hannibal Lecter, earned him critical acclaim and cemented his place in Hollywood history.

10. Left-Handed Actor Determined to Stick to Character

Scott Glenn was born left-handed, but when he took on the role of Alan Shepherd in the 1983 movie "The Right Stuff", he was determined to stay true to the character. Despite being a lefty, he dedicatedly used his right hand to portray the astronaut, showing his commitment to the role.

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