Ten fun facts about Scott Glenn

Fact 1
Scott was in very poor health while he was a child. At one point he was bedridden for close to a year and doctors had said that as a result of his illness he would carry a limp for the rest of his life. Not one to give up he went through intensive training programs and eventually got rid of the limp.

Fact 2
In his early years he had planned on becoming an author but soon found out that he had issues with dialogue writing. He decided to take up acting to overcome this shortcoming and ended up being an actor.

Fact 3
Versatility was a given with Scott. He worked as a crime reported for five months at the Kenosha Evening News.

Fact 4
In the early 1960’s he served in the U.S Marine Corps.

Fact 5
The 1970-made “The Baby Maker” was the first movie that Scott Glenn was a part of. It was offered to him by James Bridges.

Fact 6
Glenn got tired of the Hollywood scene in 1978 and moved to Ketchum, Idaho with his family. Here, he worked as a huntsman, a barman as well as a mountain ranger for two years and interspersed it with a few acting stints.

Fact 7
In 1980 the course of Scott’s life was changed a second time by James Bridges and he became a star after acting in “Urban Cowboy” as John Travolta’s rival.

Fact 8
At one point of time he did 2,000 push-ups on the “Urban Cowboy” sets.

Fact 9
One of the most famous roles he played was that of Jack Crawford in “The Silence of the Lambs”.

Fact 10
Glenn was left-handed by birth. However when he played the role of Alan Shepherd the Astronaut in the 1983 movie “The Right Stuff” (who was right-handed), he dedicatedly used his right hand.

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Short about Scott Glenn
Is a 1941-born American actor who is well-known for acting in supporting roles.