Ten fun facts about Platypuses

Image of Platypuses

Fact 1
It weighs nearly 2.2 to 3.3 lbs and grows from a length of 1.3 to 1.6 feet long.

Fact 2
A Platypus has fine and dense fur that are in two layers which keep them dry and warm.

Fact 3
It has no visible ears and walks on their knuckles and tucks their webbed feet back. The tail is used for up to 50% fat storage.

Fact 4
The Platypus lives near freshwater streams and lakes. It generally burrows just above water level and the entrances are generally on lake banks, under tree roots and in rivers.

Fact 5
The diet includes shrimps, pea-shells, mussels, worms and aquatic insects. It also eats fish eggs and frogs. It hunts mainly at night and uses its bills to locate prey.

Fact 6
A Platypus can spend 17 hours a day resting in their burrows. Adults usually have several burrows.

Fact 7
It can temporarily store food in their cheek pouches. This mamma; grinds food between pads in their bills as they do not have teeth.

Fact 8
A Platypus swims with its ears, eyes and nose shut.

Fact 9
Males have a hollow spur that is very sharp on their hind ankles which are venomous. This venom can incapacitate a human or kill a small animal.

Fact 10
The females lay a clutch of 1 to 3 leathery eggs. She provides milk to her young from two round patches of skin midway along their belly.

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Short about Platypuses
Is a warm blood mammal that belongs to the monotreme group that lay eggs.

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