Ten fun facts about Infections

Fact 1
In 2002, the World Health Organization said that all infectious diseases killed 14.7 million people. That is down from 1993, which was 16.4 million.

Fact 2
Sometimes infections are referred to as contagious diseases since they are easily transmitted from a person through their secretions, like the flu.

Fact 3
Infections can usually be labeled by the organ that they are invading, like a urinary tract infection or a skin infection.

Fact 4
While the Spanish Flu killed 25-50 million people in 1918, the flu today kills anywhere from 250,000 to 500,000 people worldwide every year.

Fact 5
While a viral infection can effect many different parts of the body, a bacterial infection usually effects one specific part of the body.

Fact 6
The top three infectious diseases that killed people, in 2002, was HIV/Aids, malaria and tuberculosis.

Fact 7
The transmission of infections can occur in several ways, including orally, sexually, airborne and more.

Fact 8
Several ways to help prevent infection are exercising, using condoms, never using illicit drugs and always washing your hands.

Fact 9
There are four types of anti-infection drugs today: antibiotics, antivirals, anti-tubercular and anti-fungal.

Fact 10
Through the writing of an Italian physician we were able to determine that infections became more popular in Europe during the Renaissance era.

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Short about Infections
Invasion of the hosts body tissue.

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