Ten fun facts about Asparagus

Fact 1
Most people are familiar with the smelly urine that comes after consuming asparagus, but studies show people without the gene do not have the ability to smell it!

Fact 2
During asparagus season, many German restaurants offer a special menu listing as many as 45 different variations of cooked asparagus.

Fact 3
If the weather permits, the growth rate of asparagus can grow as high as 1 inch per hour.

Fact 4
If you get stung by a bee, crush up some asparagus and rub it on the area around the sting. It will take the pain away.

Fact 5
It is important to choose what kind of asaparagus you want to plant wisely, since a bed can remain productive for 15-20 years.

Fact 6
The asparagus was a favorite vegetable of King Louis XIV. He also had special greenhouses for growing the veggie.

Fact 7
Although there is no strong scientific evidence to support the theory, the Japanese have used asparagus as an aphrodisiac for years.

Fact 8
The vegetable has been used as medicinal treatments for ailments dating back to the early Greek and Romans, curing anything from a heart ailment to a toothache.

Fact 9
While there many positive health benefits to eating asparagus, if you eat large amounts, like several pounds a day, you can contract gout.

Fact 10
The Ancient Egyptians gave asparagus the name 'king of vegetables' and have become the symbol of good taste in food.

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Short about Asparagus
A spring vegetable in the genus Asparagus.

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