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Ten fun facts about Surfing

Fact 1:
The first official surf contest took place at Corona Del Mar, California in 1928.

Fact 2:
George Freeth is the person who brought surfing to California.

Fact 3:
Surfing was originated by the oceanic culture island of Polynesia and was first discovered by Captain Cook in 1778.

Fact 4:
There are two types of surfing; short boarding and long boarding.

Fact 5:
Short boarding is considered harder than long boarding because it requires more effort.

Fact 6:
Kelly Slater is the highest paid surfer. He brought in three million dollar as the ninth time world champion surfer in 2009.

Fact 7:
The first university to offer a degree in surfing is the University of Plymouth.

Fact 8:
When the waves get over the surfer, it's called "getting barreled" because you can't go neither left nor right; just straight.

Fact 9:
The biggest wave recorded was 530 meters in Lituya bay, southern coast of Alaska.

Fact 10:
The longest ride ever done on a wave was 37 minutes in Pororoca.

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Short about Surfing

Is a surface water sport in which the surfer rides a surfboard on the crest and face of a wave.

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