Ten fun facts about Sean Penn

Fact 1
After hitting an extra in the face during one of his films in 1987 he was placed in jail for 32 days.

Fact 2
In 1986 Sean Penn appeared in the movie “At Close Range”. His brother Chris Penn and mother Eileen Ryan also appeared in the film. His mother played his grandmother.

Fact 3
Sean Penn elected to move to Marin County which is located north of San Francisco. He cited that he made the move so that he didn’t have to raise his children within the Hollywood system.

Fact 4
He claims to smoke four packs of cigarettes a day. He quit smoking at age 40 due to health concerns but that did not last long and he picked the habit back up.

Fact 5
In 2002 Sean Penn took out an entire page in the Washington Post as he wished to publish an open letter on the page to President George W. Bush. The letter was in regards to the war.

Fact 6
Sean Penn was married to Madonna but they later divorced and he married actress Robin Wright, with whom they have two children, a daughter named Dylan Francis and a son named Hopper Jack.

Fact 7
Out of all of the actors that he has worked with over the course of his career, he cites Malcolm McDowell as being the greatest.

Fact 8
One of Sean Penn’s favorite past-times is surfing on his beloved beaches of California.

Fact 9
In 2008 Sean Penn served as the Jury President for the Cannes Film Festival.

Fact 10
Robert De Niro and Sean Penn share the same birthday. As good friends they often times throw parties for their birthdays together.

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Short about Sean Penn
Is a veteran character actor and filmmaker who has won several awards for his work in films.