Ten fun facts about Yves Montand

Fact 1
Yves Montand was originally born with the name Ivo Livi before changing his name during childhood.

Fact 2
Also an accomplished singer, Yves Montand most popular hit was “Autumn Leaves”. He also dated the famous French singer, Edith Piaf for almost two years.

Fact 3
As Benito Mussolini was rising to power in Italy, his parents escaped in 1921 and Yves Montand became a natural citizen of France in 1932.

Fact 4
After touring as a jazz singer in the Soviet Union, Yves Montand made a movie about socialist dictatorship.

Fact 5
He is considered to be the first popular singer to perform at the Metropolitan Opera House.

Fact 6
Yves Montand believes that a man can have three affairs while married before it should be considered cheating and that is the absolute maximum.

Fact 7
He joined the Communist Party but left shortly after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Fact 8
While Yves Montand was a teenager his father was a prominent figure in the French Communist Party in Mareilles, which led to him eventually joining as an adult.

Fact 9
Under court ruling, Annie Fleurange had Yves Montand's body exhumed after his death, to determine if he was the father of her daughter.

Fact 10
In 1987 he served as the Jury President for the Cannes Film Festival.

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Short about Yves Montand
Is an Italian actor who reached international fame in the 1950's.