Ten fun facts about Emilio Estevez

Fact 1
Emilio Estevez was born on May 12, 1962 in Staten Island, New York.

Fact 2
Emilio befriended Chris Penn, Sean Penn, Rob Lowe and Chad Lowe, who would go on to become future movie stars, like Emilio himself. As teenagers they would co-write, produce, direct and also act in movies which they made using a home video camera.

Fact 3
He ended up spending almost all his money, while he was working on the screenplay of the movie Bobby.

Fact 4
Emilio and his actor brother Charlie Sheen, both have played on screen sons to their real father, actor Martin Sheen. Emilio portrayed Martin's son in the movies- The War at Home and The Way which were both written and directed by Emilio himself. Charlie played Martin's son in the movies Wall Street and in two episodes of the television sitcom 'Spin City'.

Fact 5
As a child, Emilio did not get along well with Charlie, his younger brother. Reportedly, they both used to constantly bicker.

Fact 6
At the age of 14, he accompanied his father for the shooting of the movie Apocalypse Now, which was being shot in the Philippines. He also appeared as an extra in the movie, but those scenes were deleted in the film's final edit.

Fact 7
His first acting assignment was in a drama, which was produced by the Catholic Paulist order.

Fact 8
This was then shortly followed by his first stage appearance, along with his father, in a play Mister Roberts at the famous Burt Reynolds Dinner Theater in Jupiter, Florida.

Fact 9
Emilio Estevez was widely noticed during the 1980's, since he was a member of the Brat Pack and was named the leader of a small group of young budding actors. The Brat Pack was co-formed by Rob Lowe and Estavez, when they were cast as supporting 'Greasers' in a movie The Outsiders, based on the novel which was being made by the Brat Pack.

Fact 10
Early in the 1990's, he and brother starred in Men at Work, a comedy about garbage-men which was written and directed by Estevez himself.

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