Ten fun facts about Billy Bob Thornton

Ten fun facts about Billy Bob Thornton

1. Billy Bob Thornton's Successful Career

Billy Bob Thornton achieved remarkable success with his movie "Sling Blade", which he wrote, directed and starred in. His efforts were rewarded with an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, cementing his place in Hollywood history. The movie was a huge success, grossing over $24 million at the box office and receiving critical acclaim. Thornton's performance was praised by critics, and he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor.

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2. Billy Bob's Mom: Pro Psychic with Astonishing Accuracy

Billy Bob Thornton's mother is a professional psychic, and her predictions have a remarkable track record of coming true. In the early 90's, she predicted that Thornton would work with actor Burt Reynolds, and sure enough, Thornton was cast in the television series "Evening Shade" alongside Reynolds. It's a testament to the accuracy of his mother's psychic abilities that her prediction came true.

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3. Teenage Billy Bob Thornton Played drums for Stone Cold Fever

As a teenager, Billy Bob Thornton was a talented musician, playing the drums for the band 'Stone Cold Fever'. His passion for music was evident even in his high school years, when he was part of the group that performed at local venues in his hometown. His skill on the drums was a major factor in the band's success, and they were even invited to play at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

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4. Billy Bob Thornton Gains 50 Pounds for U-Turn Role

In 1997, Billy Bob Thornton was cast in the Oliver Stone film "U-Turn" and he went to great lengths to prepare for the role. To accurately portray his character, he gained a whopping fifty pounds, a dramatic transformation that was necessary to bring the character to life.

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5. Billy Bob & Dwight: A Successful Production Duo

Billy Bob Thornton, the Academy Award-winning actor and director, has a production company that he co-owns with his "Sling Blade" co-star Dwight Yoakam. The company, which focuses on film and music production, has been a successful venture for the two actors, with Thornton's directing credits including the critically acclaimed "Monster's Ball" and "The King of the Hill". Yoakam, meanwhile, has released several albums through the company, including his Grammy-nominated "Gone" and "3 Pears". Together, Thornton and Yoakam have created a successful business that has allowed them to continue to collaborate on projects in the entertainment industry.

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6. Billy Bob Thornton Reveals His Phobias

In an interview with USA Today, Billy Bob Thornton revealed his peculiar phobias, which include an irrational fear of antique furniture and silverware, particularly silver knives and forks. He explained that the sight of these items can cause him to become overwhelmed with anxiety and dread. Thornton has been dealing with these phobias for many years, and has found ways to cope with them, such as avoiding places where these items are likely to be found.

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7. Billy Bob Thornton Quits Smoking

In 2001, after completing production on the Coen Brother's film "The Man Who Wasn't There", Billy Bob Thornton made the life-changing decision to quit smoking. This was a major milestone for the actor, who had been a smoker for many years prior. Thornton has since become an advocate for smoking cessation, and has been vocal about the health benefits of quitting.

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8. Billy Bob Thornton Honored with Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

On October 2004, the renowned actor Billy Bob Thornton was honored with a star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star, located at 6262 Hollywood Boulevard, was unveiled in a special ceremony attended by many of Thornton's friends and colleagues, including his then-wife Angelina Jolie. The star is a permanent reminder of Thornton's immense contribution to the entertainment industry, and serves as a symbol of his success and legacy.

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9. " Pre-Gump Tom Hanks"

Before Tom Hanks was cast in the iconic role of Forrest Gump, Billy Bob Thornton was in the running for the part. Thornton, an Academy Award-winning actor, director, and screenwriter, had already made a name for himself in Hollywood with his performances in films such as Sling Blade and A Simple Plan. Despite his impressive credentials, the role ultimately went to Hanks, who went on to win an Academy Award for his performance.

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10. 6 Tattoos and His Thoughts on Them

Billy Bob Thornton is a huge fan of tattoos, with 6 adorning his arms alone. He has a variety of designs, including a skull, a cross, a rose, a heart, a dragon, and a panther. He has said that he loves the way tattoos look and that they are a great way to express yourself. He also believes that tattoos are a form of art and that they can tell a story about who you are.

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