Ten fun facts about Josh Hartnett

Fact 1
His first role was as Huckleberry Finn in “Tom Sawyer”, the Minnesota's Youth Performance Company production.

Fact 2
In May 2008 he became the face of Emporio Armani’s “Diamonds for Men” the new perfume by the company.

Fact 3
Hartnett started to be known as the Horror hottie when he acted in “Halloween H20” and “The Faculty” in the same year. Both were horror flicks.

Fact 4
In Touch Weekly’s 2007 poll he was the 5th Sexiest guy of Summer.

Fact 5
Whilst in his teens, he made and acted in a short film on the Dairy Queen robbery in the vicinity of his home and he played the role so convincingly that a neighbor actually called the police because he thought it was for real.

Fact 6
Josh turned down the role in “Superman Returns” which Brandon Routh eventually acted out. He did not want to be branded as Superman for life.

Fact 7
As Josh helped his mother cut up a chicken for dinner one night, he hit a tumor in the chicken and blood and pus spurted all over the place and he turned into a vegetarian for life.

Fact 8
He auditioned six times for the teen drama “Dawson’s Creek” but Warner Bros did not cast him in it.

Fact 9
Josh Hartnett’s role as Danny Walker, in the 2001-made “Pearl Harbor” was a well-acclaimed one but he was originally tried to play the role of Rafe McCrawley

Fact 10
On his 20th birthday, Sofia Coppola the director of “The Virgin Suicides” gifted him a bottle of wine picked from the private wine cellar that belonged to her dad Francis Ford Coppola. “Congratulations Josh- Teen idol no more” were the words she wrote on the label.

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Is a 1978- born American television and movie actor and producer.