Ten fun facts about Josh Hartnett

Ten fun facts about Josh Hartnett

1. Josh Hartnett makes his acting debut in "Tom Sawyer"

Josh Hartnett made his acting debut in the Minnesota's Youth Performance Company production of "Tom Sawyer" as the iconic character of Huckleberry Finn. This was a major milestone in his career, as it marked the beginning of his journey to becoming one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood. His performance in the production was highly praised, and it set the stage for his future success.

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2. Josh Hartnett is Armani's New Face

In May 2008, Josh Hartnett was chosen to be the face of Emporio Armani's new fragrance, "Diamonds for Men". This marked a major milestone in his career, as he was chosen to represent the iconic fashion house's latest scent. Hartnett was featured in a series of advertisements for the perfume, which showcased his signature style and charisma. The campaign was a success, and the fragrance quickly became a best-seller.

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3. From Horror Hottie to Leading Man

Josh Hartnett rose to fame in 1998 when he starred in two horror films, "Halloween H20" and "The Faculty", earning him the nickname of the 'Horror Hottie'. Both films were well-received by critics and audiences alike, and Hartnett's performance in both was praised for his ability to bring a sense of realism to the horror genre. His success in these two films cemented his place as a leading man in Hollywood and helped to launch his career.

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4. Josh Hartnett voted the 5th sexiest guy of summer

Josh Hartnett was voted the 5th Sexiest guy of Summer in In Touch Weekly's 2007 poll, a testament to his undeniable charm and good looks. His sultry gaze and magnetic presence have made him a fan favorite for years, and this poll was just one more way for his admirers to show their appreciation. Hartnett's star power has only grown since then, and he continues to be a heartthrob for many.

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5. Josh Hartnett, Teenager, Makes Short Film About Dairy Queen Robbery

At the tender age of just a teenager, Josh Hartnett made and acted in a short film about a Dairy Queen robbery near his home. His performance was so realistic that a neighbor actually called the police, believing the robbery was real. Josh's talent for acting was evident even at such a young age, and it's no surprise that he went on to become a successful Hollywood actor.

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6. Josh Hartnett famously turned down the role of Superman

Josh Hartnett famously turned down the role of Superman in the 2006 movie "Superman Returns", opting instead to avoid being typecast as the iconic superhero for the rest of his career. Despite the potential for a huge payday and the chance to become a household name, Hartnett was determined to maintain his creative freedom and avoid being typecast in the role for life. Ultimately, the role went to Brandon Routh, who went on to star in the film.

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7. From Chicken Tumor Survivor to Vegetarian

When Josh Hartnett was helping his mother prepare dinner one night, he was shocked to discover a tumor in the chicken they were cutting up. As he cut into it, blood and pus spurted out, leaving a lasting impression on the young man. From that moment on, Josh Hartnett became a vegetarian for life, never wanting to experience such a gruesome sight again.

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8. From "Dawson's Creek" to Hollywood success

Josh Hartnett had his sights set on the teen drama "Dawson's Creek" but unfortunately, Warner Bros. had other plans. Despite auditioning six times for the show, he was ultimately not cast in the role. Despite this setback, Hartnett went on to have a successful career in Hollywood, starring in films such as Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down, and Lucky Number Slevin.

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9. Josh Hartnett's role in 'Pearl Harbor' almost wasn't meant to be

. Josh Hartnett's role as Danny Walker in the 2001 movie "Pearl Harbor" was highly acclaimed, but it was almost not meant to be. Initially, he was cast to play the role of Rafe McCrawley, but after a successful audition, he was given the part of Danny Walker instead. His performance in the movie was praised by critics and audiences alike, and it remains one of his most memorable roles to date.

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10. Josh Hartnett Receives Unique Gift from Sofia Coppola

On his 20th birthday, Josh Hartnett received a special gift from Sofia Coppola, the director of the cult classic film "The Virgin Suicides". She presented him with a bottle of wine from her father Francis Ford Coppola's private wine cellar, with a special message on the label that read "Congratulations Josh- Teen idol no more". It was a unique and thoughtful gift that Hartnett surely appreciated, and a reminder that he had grown up and moved on from his days as a teen idol.

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