Ten fun facts about Cricket

Fact 1:
It is said that cricket originated in England. Since they used to raise sheep, the grass was so short that it was possible to roll a lump of wool on it which they used as a ball.

Fact 2:
The first recorded game was played in 1646, and later fines were handed out for those who missed the church to play.

Fact 3:
In the 1760ís, pitching a ball through the air was considered normal, thus the bat shape changed from a curve to a straight one.

Fact 4:
The longest cricket match took place in 1939 between England and South Africa, after 14 days it ended with a tie.

Fact 5:
The two most common causes for pausing or suspending a cricket game is rain and bad light.

Fact 6:
When a batsman scores 100 runs, it called a century and is considered an achievement.

Fact 7:
A cricket game was once stopped because a pig ran across the field. It is even considered legal to suspend the game if an animal entered the field.

Fact 8:
Only one player can run out at a time. Usually left for the umpire to decide.

Fact 9:
A cricket game has two umpires in the field and one off the field.

Fact 10:
Despite being a team game, individuals are stressed upon and put under pressure.

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Short about Cricket

Is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 players on an oval-shaped field,

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