Ten fun facts about New York

Ten fun facts about New York

1. The First Chess Tournament in the United States Was a Major Success

In 1843, New York hosted the first ever chess tournament in the United States, marking a significant milestone in the history of the game. This tournament was a major event, drawing in players from all over the country to compete for the title of the nation's best chess player. The tournament was held in the city of New York, and it was a great success, with the winner being crowned the first ever United States Chess Champion. This tournament was a major step forward in the development of the game in the United States, and it is still remembered today as a landmark event in the history of chess.

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2. New York's Subway System is an Impressive feat of Engineering

The subway system in New York is an impressive feat of engineering, boasting a total of 722 miles of track. This expansive network of underground tunnels and above-ground tracks serves as a vital artery for the state, connecting its many cities and towns and providing a convenient and efficient way for commuters to get around. With over 472 stations, the subway system is one of the largest in the world, and its importance to the state's economy and culture cannot be overstated.

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3. Longest US Toll Road: NY's Dewey Thruway

The Governor Thomas E. Dewey Thruway in New York is the longest toll road in the United States, stretching an impressive 641 miles. This impressive feat of engineering connects the cities of Buffalo and New York City, providing a vital link between the two cities and the rest of the state. The Thruway is a major artery for commerce and transportation, and is used by millions of people every year. It is a testament to the ingenuity of New York's engineers and planners, and a reminder of the state's importance in the nation's transportation network.

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4. New York's Dairy Farming Industry

New York is renowned for its dairy farming, with the state being home to the oldest cattle ranch in the US. Dairy farming is the largest agricultural activity in the state, with cows producing milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products. The state's long-standing cattle ranch has been in operation since the late 1700s, and continues to be a major contributor to the state's agricultural industry.

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5. The World's Smallest Church

Nestled in the small town of Oneida, New York lies the world's smallest church, measuring just 8 feet by 12 feet. The quaint chapel, known as the Little White Church, was built in the late 1800s and is still used for small weddings and services today. The church is a popular tourist attraction, drawing visitors from all over the world to marvel at its unique size and history.

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6. New York's Apples

In the 1600's, European settlers brought the first apples to New York when they migrated to the state, introducing the fruit to the area. The settlers brought apple seeds with them, which they planted and cultivated, leading to the abundance of apple orchards that can still be found in the state today.

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7. New Yorker Invented Toilet Paper: Joseph C. Gayetty

Joseph C. Gayetty, a native New Yorker, made a lasting impact on the world with his invention of toilet paper. Born in the bustling city of New York, Gayetty's invention revolutionized the way people around the world clean themselves. His invention has become one of the most used products in the world, with millions of rolls of toilet paper being sold every day. Gayetty's invention has made a lasting impact on the world, and his legacy will live on for generations to come.

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8. Munchkins March in Chittenago, NY

The home of L. Frank Baum, located in Chittenago, New York, is a sight to behold. Not only does it feature sidewalks made of gold, but it also hosts a regular parade featuring Munchkins. This parade is a unique experience that is sure to delight visitors of all ages. The parade is a reminder of the beloved classic novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which was written by Baum himself. It is a great way to experience the magic of the novel in a real-life setting.

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9. Astor Theater Makes History with 3D Film

On June 10, 1915, the Astor Theater in Manhattan made history by becoming the first theater to ever present a 3D film to the public. This groundbreaking event marked the beginning of a new era in film-making, and the Astor Theater was the perfect venue for this momentous occasion. Located in the heart of New York City, the Astor Theater has been a staple of the Manhattan entertainment scene since its opening in 1906, and continues to be a popular destination for movie-goers today.

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10. 12,000 Pet Graves in Hartsdale, New York

Hartsdale, New York is home to the world's largest pet cemetery, with an impressive 12,000 burial plots. This cemetery, which has been in operation since 1896, is a testament to the strong bond between humans and their beloved pets. It is a place of solace and remembrance for pet owners who have lost their furry friends, and a reminder of the unconditional love that animals bring to our lives.

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Short about New York
Is a state located in the northeastern part of the United States.


Fast facts
Number of households
Per capita income
Life expectancy in number of years
July 26, 1788
Largest city
New York City
Number of billionaires
State dance
Lindy Hop
State beverage
State color
Blue and Gold
State bird
Eastern bluebird
State mammal
State fish
Brook trout
State tree
Sugar Maple
State flower