Ten fun facts about Moscow

Fact 1
In the late 1230's, 1571 and 1812, the city of Moscow was burned to the ground.

Fact 2
The city is considered a 'green city', for there are at least 27 square meters of parks per person. That compares to 8.6 in New York and 6 in Paris.

Fact 3
As of 2005, Moscow was the city where over 500 Olympic champions had lived.

Fact 4
Moscow is home to 96 parks, 18 gardens including 4 botanical gardens and the Moscow Zoo, which holds more than 6,500 specimens. Many of these landmarks are protected natural environments.

Fact 5
It not only has one of the largest municipal economies in Europe but it has the lowest unemployment rate in Russia, standing at just 1% as of 2010.

Fact 6
The cost of living in Moscow still continues to rise. Today, the price of living in a prestigious area would be $6,500-$8,000 per square meter.

Fact 7
The road system is a sequence of five 'rings'. They follow specific paths throughout the city.

Fact 8
As of 2013, Moscow was number two in the top ten locations surveyed as the most expensive places to live.

Fact 9
Russia's best known school for international relations and diplomacy is the Moscow State Institute of International Relations with approximately 4,500 students.

Fact 10
Moscow is also home to the Russian State Library, which is the largest in Russia and one of the largest in the world with over 42 million items.

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