Ten fun facts about Doha

Fact 1
In 2010, the Doha Film Institute was established to help promote and support the growth of the local film community.

Fact 2
Doha is home to the world's largest and first underground stadium called the Wall Stadium.

Fact 3
The city of Doha was included in Fortune's 15 best new cities for business in 2011.

Fact 4
Currently the tallest building Doha and Qatar is the Aspire Tower, also known as the Torch Hotel at 984 feet tall.

Fact 5
The biggest park in Doha is Aspire Park. It covers 88 hectares and includes the only lake in Qatar.

Fact 6
The Pearl-Qatar, located in Doha, are man-made islands built off the coast of the West Bay Lagoon area. By 2015, the estimated resident population is 45,000.

Fact 7
At one point, people who were not Qatari citizens were not allowed to own land but now, expatriates can buy land in areas such as West Bay Lagoon and the Pearl-Qatar in Doha.

Fact 8
During the long summer from May to September, average temperatures can approach 117 degrees. The winter temperatures usually never drop below 45 degrees.

Fact 9
The Dubai Towers Doha, estimated to be completed in 2014, will be the tallest skyscraper in Qatar and one of the tallest in the world. The roof height will reach 1,300 feet.

Fact 10
As of 2013, the population of Doha was an estimated 1,312,947.

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Short about Doha
The capital city of the state of Qatar.