Facts on American stage actresses

Meryl Streep

Is a highly acclaimed American film actress known for her phenomenal performances in movies and on Broadway

10 facts about Meryl Streep

Julia Roberts

Is an American film actress and producer known for her portrayal of diverse characters over the years.

10 facts about Julia Roberts

Julianne Moore

Is a British-American actress known for her Academy Award nominated roles and great work in comedy and drama movies.

10 facts about Julianne Moore

Sigourney Weaver

Is an American movie actress best known for her work in cult-classic science fiction movies amidst other commended work.

10 facts about Sigourney Weaver

Glenn Close

Is an American film, stage and television actress famous for her immense versatility.

10 facts about Glenn Close

Natalie Portman

Is an American actress known for her work as a child-actor and also as a talented performer in challenging roles.

10 facts about Natalie Portman

Gwyneth Paltrow

Is an American actress known mostly for her work in romantic-comedy movies.

10 facts about Gwyneth Paltrow

Michelle Pfeiffer

Is a very well known American movie actress known for her pivotal work in the acting world.

10 facts about Michelle Pfeiffer

Elizabeth Taylor

Was a world-renowned British-American actress who made the headlines everywhere she went

10 facts about Elizabeth Taylor

Susan Sarandon

Is a very talented, award-winning American actress.

10 facts about Susan Sarandon

Whoopi Goldberg

Is a multi-talented American actress, comedienne, singer-songwriter, author, political activist and talk show

10 facts about Whoopi Goldberg

Jessica Lange

Is a hugely talented American film, theatre and television actress.

10 facts about Jessica Lange

Kathy Bates

Is an American actress and also a film director.

10 facts about Kathy Bates

Scarlett Johansson

Is an American actress, singer and model.

10 facts about Scarlett Johansson

Kathleen Turner

Is a 1954-born, American actress.

10 facts about Kathleen Turner

Frances McDormand

Is a vrery talented American stage and film actress.

10 facts about Frances McDormand

Annette Bening

Is an American Actress and four-time Oscar nominee.

10 facts about Annette Bening

Laura Linney

Is an American film, theatre and television actress who was born on 5 February 1964.

10 facts about Laura Linney

Rachel Weisz

Is a film and theatre actress and former fashion model from England who was born on 7 March 1970.

10 facts about Rachel Weisz

Goldie Hawn

is an American actress, film director, producer, and occasional singer

10 facts about Goldie Hawn

Jennifer Tilly

is an American actress and poker player

10 facts about Jennifer Tilly

Gina Gershon

Is an American film, TV show and stage actress, singer and author.

10 facts about Gina Gershon

Gillian Anderson

Is a London-based American actress.

10 facts about Gillian Anderson

Jane Fonda

Is an American actress, writer, fashion model, political activist, and fitness expert.

10 facts about Jane Fonda

Lucy Liu

Is an American actress, model, artist and also an occasional film producer.

10 facts about Lucy Liu

Geraldine Page

Is an actress who may be best remembered by her appearance in Hondo opposite the great John Wayne.

10 facts about Geraldine Page

Katharine Hepburn

Was a very popular Hollywood film, television and stage actress well known as m much for her headstrong independence as for her unique voice,

10 facts about Katharine Hepburn

Ellen Burstyn

Is an award winning American actress.

10 facts about Ellen Burstyn

Amanda Plummer

Is a multi award winning Canadian-American actress

10 facts about Amanda Plummer

Vera Farmiga

Is a talented actress who is best known for her role in the movie ‘Up in the Air’.

10 facts about Vera Farmiga

Sarah Jessica Parker

Is an actress who is best known for her character role in the hit series “Sex in the City”.

10 facts about Sarah Jessica Parker

Katie Holmes

Is a female celebrity who is probably best known for being the ex-wife of Tom Cruise.

10 facts about Katie Holmes