Ten fun facts about Water Rats

Image of Water Rats

Fact 1
Water rats have water-repellent fur which is soft and dense. They have broad, partially webbed hind feet, which make them strong swimmers. Their thick muscular tail is heavily furred and mostly dark except for a white tip.

Fact 2
They are generally dark on top and light-colored underneath with belly fur ranging in color from cream to golden/orange. The fur of the more aggressive water rats is dark underneath.

Fact 3
Water rats are nocturnal animals and move from burrow to burrow. They are solitary by nature.

Fact 4
Their basin-shaped molars are quite distinctive from those of other rodents.

Fact 5
They live in a variety of freshwater habitats in Australia which include sub-alpine streams and inland waterways, lakes, swamps, irrigation channels and farm dams.

Fact 6
Water rats are mainly carnivores and eat crustaceans, aquatic insects, fish, small birds, frogs, reptiles, spiders, mussels and plants as a last resort.

Fact 7
They have a pair of distinctive chisel shaped incisors with hard yellow enamel on front surfaces.

Fact 8
Water rats hold prey in their forepaws, sit on a log or rock and eat them noisily.

Fact 9
Their bodies are 231mm to 370mm and they weigh from 340 g – 1275 mg

Fact 10
Water rats give birth to 1 to 7 young. The breeding peaks in spring and summer. The gestation period is around 34 days. Females can product up to 5 litters per year.

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Short about Water Rats
Are large highly-specialized rodents and amphibious mammals endemic to Australia and New Guinea.

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