Ten fun facts about Vanuatu

Fact 1
The official name is the ‘Republic of Vanuatu.’ It is an archipelago consisting of approximately 82 islands which are of volcanic origin.

Fact 2
Vanuatu lies in the Pacific Ring of Fire. The word “Vanuatu” means “Land Eternal”.

Fact 3
The capital and largest city is Port Vila.

Fact 4
Christianity is the main religion followed in Vanuatu.

Fact 5
The weather is warm and humid but prevailing southeasterly trade winds moderate winter temperatures. The cool dry season is from May to October with average daytime temperature at 26C. The wetter and hotter season is from November to April with daytime temper 29C.

Fact 6
The economy of Vanuatu depends largely on the agriculture, off shore financial services, fishing and tourism. 65% of the population depends on agriculture which includes copra, coconuts, cacao, coffee and fish.

Fact 7
The official currency is Vanuatu vanu. The major industries are food and fish freezing, wood processing and meat canning. Exports are beef, cacao, timber and kava.

Fact 8
The highest point is Mount Tabwemanasana, which has an altitude of 1,879 m and is located on the island of Espiritu Santo.

Fact 9
The official languages are Bislama, English and French. Pidgin is one of the languages spoken on the islands.

Fact 10
The country gained independence on 30 July, 1980. The type of government is Parliamentary republic.

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Short about Vanuatu

Is an island nation between Fiji and New Caledonia in the West South Pacific Ocean.

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