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Ten fun facts about Saudi Arabia

Fact 1:
The government of Saudi Arabia is a Monarchy.

Fact 2:
Saudi Arabia is the worlds largest producer of desalinated water.

Fact 3:
The prime industry in Saudi Arabia is petroleum.

Fact 4:
In Saudi Arabia, Miswak the root of the arak tree is used to clean teeth.

Fact 5:
The capital city of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh.

Fact 6:
Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab country of the Middle East.

Fact 7:
The currency in Saudi Arabia is the Riyal.

Fact 8:
It is believed the tomb of Eve is located in the Jeddah city of Saudi Arabia.

Fact 9:
Saudi Arabia is one of the driest countries in the world.

Fact 10:
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was declared in 1926.

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Short about Saudi Arabia

Is a country located in the Middle East.

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