Ten fun facts about Paul Dirac

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Fact 1
Paul Dirac was born on 8th August 1902 in Bristol, England and died 20th October 1984.

Fact 2
Dirac's friends described his character an being unusual and Einstein said of him as being a balance of a genius and madness.

Fact 3
Dirac studied electrical engineering at University of Bristol's engineering faculty, on a City of Bristol University Scholarship and also studied Arts later earning a BA degree.

Fact 4
Dirac and Erwin Schrodinger shared the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1933 for discovering new productive forms of atomic theory. He also received the Royal Medal in 1939, Copley Medal and Max Planck Medal in 1952.

Fact 5
He is credited with the discovery of relativistic equation for the electron and for drafting the most general theory of quantum mechanics; which are also named after him.

Fact 6
Dirac also pioneered and invested the concept of magnetic monopole as a means of making the equations of electromagnetism more symmetrical.

Fact 7
Dirac also developed a generalized quantum field theory with dynamical constraints, which is today used as a basis in gauge and supestring theories.

Fact 8
'Principles of Quantum Mechanics' published in 1930, which details the work of Dirac, is considered a landmark in the history of science and is considered a 'standard textbook' in that subject.

Fact 9
One of his discoveries includes, the 'Dirac Equation' which details the characteristics of fermions and also predicted the existence of 'anti-matter' today labeled as 'God's particle'.

Fact 10
After Dirac's death, two separate organizations of physicists named annual awards in his memory

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Short about Paul Dirac
Was an English theoretical physicist known for his contributions in quantum mechanics and quantum electrodynamics

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