Ten fun facts about Oranges

Fact 1
All citrus trees are interfertile, meaning there's only one super-species which includes grapefruits, lemons, oranges and others hybrids.

Fact 2
The word orange derives from the Sanskrit word for orange tree, but also through the 14th century Old French word 'orenge'.

Fact 3
There are over 20 varieties of common oranges grown all over the world in places like Spain, Italy, Japan and more.

Fact 4
Aside from the early season oranges that are generally acid-less, most oranges have pH levels ranging from 2.9 to 4.0.

Fact 5
Though the sweet orange wasn't introduced until the 15th century, they were grown mostly for medicinal uses in the 11th century.

Fact 6
Ripe oranges usually have yellow skin while some can have yellow-green skin, but ethylene gas is used to turn the green skin orange.

Fact 7
In 1868, the ladybird beetle wiped out entire orchards in California, but within 20 years the pest problem was under control.

Fact 8
Brazil is the world's leader in orange production, as of 2012, with a whopping 18 tons.

Fact 9
While oranges are taken from the trees, the orange blossoms are also used for perfume, rosewater and even dried for tea.

Fact 10
Though not usually eaten, the peel of an orange is edible and contains high contents of Vitamin C and more fiber.

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Short about Oranges
A citrus fruit.

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