Ten fun facts about Costa Rica

Fact 1
If you ask someone for a soda here, be ready to be surprised. In Costa Rica a soda is a small and informal restaurant that serves traditional foods such as rice, chicken, salad and beans.

Fact 2
The El Puente de Amistad or the Tempisque River Bridge that connects the Nicoya Peninsula to the mainland was a Taiwanese gift to the country.

Fact 3
Costa Rica is situated 8-11 degrees to the north of the equator. This results in the sun rising and setting at almost at the same time right round the year.

Fact 4
Landmarks and meters are used while giving directions here. So, people will tell you to travel 100 meters north from the cathedral when in fact the cathedral no more exists at all.

Fact 5
Costa Rican men are called Ticos while women are called Ticas. Costa Rican babies grow up on caffeine. Coffee is added to the milk in their bottles and young children have it too. Just imagine a one-year-old growing-up on espresso.

Fact 6
Plastic money is used for absolutely “everything” here. A candy bar, a pack of gum and a newspaper too - locals will pay for all these petty purchases by credit card.

Fact 7
Women in this country do not assume their husbands last name. The mother’s last name is added to her last name and that’s what she keeps for life.

Fact 8
In Costa Rica, your better-half is referred to as “media naranja”. It means the other half of an orange. Now that sets you wondering if it’s indicative of sour, sweet, or plain tangy?

Fact 9
Native Costa Rican honey bees were bred-out several years ago. The ones that now exist here are the killer bees from Africa.

Fact 10
What the western world refers to as speed-breakers or speed bumps are called “son muertos” here. Translated into English it means “dead people”.

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Short about Costa Rica
Is a country located in Central America and officially called the Republic of Costa Rica.


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