Ten fun facts about Aubergines

Fact 1
The eggplant contains seeds that are small, soft and edible, but they taste bitter because they contain nicotinoid alkaloids, which are relatives of tobacco.

Fact 2
The eggplant used to have a bad reputation because of its bitter taste, causing people to believe its consumption would lead to cancer, insanity and even leprosy.

Fact 3
The name eggplant came from 18th century Europeans because their variety of aubergines was yellow or white and resembled a hens egg.

Fact 4
During the 5th century in China, women used eggplant juice to dye their teeth a light gray color.

Fact 5
If you wanted to get the same amount of nicotine from an consuming eggplant, you would have to eat at least 30 pounds of it.

Fact 6
To check if an aubergine is fresh and ready to eat, press your finger against it. If your fingerprint disappears, it is fresh.

Fact 7
Baking eggplant has been proven in studies to help lower bad cholesterol. Regularly consuming aubergines can also help protect you from colon cancer.

Fact 8
Because they have such a high water content at almost 95%, they can help keep your skin hydrated and your hair healthy.

Fact 9
While many people think eggplant is a vegetable, it is in the same family as the tomato and it is actually a fruit. Botanically, the aubergine is considered a large berry.

Fact 10
Use a stainless steel knife when cutting an eggplant! Using a carbon steel knife will cause the eggplant to turn the knife black from its negative reaction to the knife.

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Short about Aubergines
A species of nightshade also known as eggplant.

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