Ten fun facts about Afghanistan

Fact 1:
The New Year in Afghanistan, called Nawroz, is celebrated on 21 March which is the first day of spring.

Fact 2:
The largest city in Afghanistan is Kabul, the capital.

Fact 3:
Afghanistan is a landlocked country sharing borders with Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and China.

Fact 4:
Poetry is a big part of Afghans' culture and it has been for centuries. In the city of Herat, women, men and children gather on Thursday night to share verses from old and new poetry.

Fact 5:
The people of Afghanistan are called Afghans and not Afghanis which is the currency. A common mistake that happens among people.

Fact 6:
The official language of Afghanistan is Dari and Pashto. They speak several other languages as well such as Persian, Uzbek and Turkmen to name a few.

Fact 7:
Afghanistan's main source of income comes from agriculture. They produce large amounts of crops that are enough to provide for the people and export as well. They plant vegetables, fruits, rice and nuts.

Fact 8:
Afghanistan is also rich in natural resources with the main ones being natural gas and oil.

Fact 9:
Afghanistan's national game is called Buzkashi, or in other words, goat-grabbing. It's a sport where the players in two teams try to catch a goat while riding on a horse. It has been played for centuries and it even got sponsors for it nowadays.

Fact 10:
Afghanistan celebrates its independence on August 19th from Britain. Afghanistan wasn't actually part of the British Colony. However, they went into war three times until Afghanistan declared its independence in 1919.

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Is a landlocked country located in the centre of Asia.

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