Ten fun facts about William Howard Taft

Fact 1
William Howard Taft was born on September 15, 1857 and died on March 8, 1930.

Fact 2
Powerfully built, he was nicknamed “Big Lub”. To his college friends, he was “Old Bill’.

Fact 3
He is the only person to who has served as the President and the Chief Justice.

Fact 4
Taft took on a noticeable role in problem solving, also on some occasions taking on the role of Secretary of State, while refusing frequent offers from Roosevelt to work with the Supreme Court.

Fact 5
Due to popular backing for Republican Roosevelt, Taft won easily in the 1908’s election for presidency.

Fact 6
Taft's domestic schedule highlighted trust-busting, civil service change, establishment of the Interstate Commerce Commission, refining the functioning of the postal service and the passage of the Sixteenth Amendment.

Fact 7
Taft wanted to better the economic growth of nations in Latin America and Asia through "Dollar Diplomacy", and showed certainty and restriction in reaction to rebellion in Mexico.

Fact 8
Taft was unaware of the political consequences of his choices; he often alienated his own key constituencies and was devastatingly crushed in his bid for a second term as president in 1912.

Fact 9
After leaving office, Taft spent his time in academics, adjudication and the chase of world peace through his self founded League to Enforce Peace.

Fact 10
In 1921, President Warren G. Harding selected him as the Chief Justice of the US and he served until shortly before his death in 1930.

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Short about William Howard Taft
Was the 27th President of the US (1909–1913) and later the 10th Chief of Justice (1921–1930).