Ten fun facts about Herbert Hoover

Fact 1
Herbert Clark Hoover was born on the 10th of August in 1874 and died on the 20th of October in 1964.

Fact 2
Hoover was the head of the U.S food Administration before and while the First World War. He was recognized in America and all over the world for his humanitarian aid work in Belgium, which was devastated by the war.

Fact 3
He was the Secretary of Commerce of U.S in the 1920's. During his reign, he endorsed partnerships of the government and various industries under his 'economic modernization' preface.

Fact 4
During the presidential elections of the year 1928, in spite of the face that Hoover did not have any experience as an elected member of an office of the government he won the Republican nomination.

Fact 5
Hoover is one of the only two Presidents of America who were elected even though they did not have a high military rank or some electoral experience, the other being William Howard Taft.

Fact 6
Hoover was the first of the two Presidents, who redistributed or donated their salaries. President Kennedy was the other who donated all his paychecks to various charitable trusts.

Fact 7
The Wall Street crash of 1929 happened within 8 months of Hoover being elected as the President. He undertook tariffs such as Smooth-Hawley Tariff, public works projects like the Hoover Dam construction, increased the Corporate Tax and the top Tax Bracket, in order to deal with the depression in the market.

Fact 8
Hoover's efforts to ease the economic depression did not have an immediate effect, but it acted as a base for various measures and policies of the New Deal that was undertaken by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Fact 9
Historians believe that Hoover was defeated in the election of 1932 mainly because of his failure to stop the downward slope of the economy and also due to his support for enforcement of prohibition.

Fact 10
Hoover is ranked as an average amongst the Presidents of US.

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Short about Herbert Hoover
Was the 31st President of the United States of America and held office from 1929 to 1933.