Ten fun facts about Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fact 1
Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882 and died on April 12, 1945). Commonly referred to as FDR, he was a central figure in the political events of mid-20th century.

Fact 2
Roosevelt is known for his dominant personality and he is the only American President who has been elected for more than two terms.

Fact 3
He built the New Deal Coalition that was detrimental in the realignment of the American politics post 1932 and his domestic policies in the middle third of the 20th century, defined American liberalism.

Fact 4
FDR defeated Republican Herbert Hoover in November 1932 at the peak of the Great Depression. 'Happy Days Are Here Again' was the theme song for his campaign.

Fact 5
Roosevelt dedicated his first 100 days in office, to leading and execute the various programs of the New Deal, which were designed to provide relief, generate economic growth and reform the society as a whole. Some of them being creating job opportunities, accelerating the economic growth and improvement in the transportation system.

Fact 6
He also influenced the creation of Bretton Woods and the United Nations(UN).

Fact 7
He is consistently rated as one of the top three U.S Presidents along with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Fact 8
Roosevelt was a liberal Democrat and he described his position as 'a little left of the center'.

Fact 9
Roosevelt contracted Polio while he was vacationing in Campobello Island, Canada with his family. The aftermath of which left him permanently paralyzed from waist below.

Fact 10
Fala, Roosevelt's dog, was his constant companion during his time in the White House and is often credited as the 'most photographed dog'.

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Short about Franklin D. Roosevelt
Was the 32nd President of the United States (1933–1945).