Ten fun facts about Ronald Reagan

Ten fun facts about Ronald Reagan

1. Ronald Wilson Reagan: A Short History of an American Icon

On February 6th, 1911, Ronald Wilson Reagan was born in the small town of Tampico, Illinois. He would go on to become one of the most influential presidents in American history, serving two terms from 1981 to 1989. Reagan passed away on June 5th, 2004, leaving behind a legacy of economic prosperity, a strengthened military, and a renewed sense of patriotism. His impact on the United States and the world is still felt today.

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2. Eureka College Alumnus and President

Ronald Reagan was an alumnus of Eureka College, where he majored in both sociology and economics. During his time at the college, Reagan was involved in many activities, including student government, the football team, and the drama club. He was also a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, and was elected student body president in his senior year. His studies in sociology and economics provided him with the knowledge and skills necessary to become the 40th President of the United States.

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3. Actor, Radio Broadcaster, and President

Before becoming one of the most influential presidents in American history, Ronald Reagan had a successful career in the entertainment industry. He worked as a radio broadcaster, and also acted in numerous television serials and films, including the iconic 'Knute Rockne, All American' and 'Kings Row'. His acting career spanned over two decades, and he was even awarded an honorary Academy Award in 1984 for his contribution to the film industry.

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4. Ronald Reagan's Political Career Begins with Work at General Electric

Ronald Reagan's political career began when he was working as a spokesman for General Electric. Initially a member of the Democratic Party, Reagan eventually switched to the Republican Party, a move that would prove to be a defining moment in his career. His time at General Electric provided him with the platform to hone his public speaking skills, which would later serve him well as he rose to become one of the most influential presidents in American history.

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5. Reaganomics: The Policies That Helped Revive the American Economy

Ronald Reagan is best remembered for his supply-side economic policies, commonly referred to as 'Reaganomics'. His policies sought to reduce taxes, control the money supply, deregulate the economy, and reduce government spending. These measures were intended to stimulate economic growth and reduce inflation, and while they were controversial at the time, they are now widely credited with helping to revive the American economy in the 1980s.

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6. From CA Gov to Politician

On January 2nd, 1967, Ronald Reagan was sworn in as the 33rd Governor of California. This marked the beginning of Reagan's political career, which would eventually lead him to become the 40th President of the United States in 1981. As Governor of California, Reagan was known for his conservative fiscal policies and his commitment to reducing the size of government. He also championed the cause of civil rights and was a strong advocate for the rights of the disabled. Reagan's tenure as Governor of California was a major stepping stone in his journey to the White House.

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7. 40th President, Ronald Reagan, Survives Assassination Attempt

In 1981, Ronald Reagan was sworn in as the 40th President of the United States. During his first term, tragedy struck when an assassination attempt was made on his life. Despite being shot in the chest, Reagan miraculously survived and went on to serve a second term from 1985 to 1989. His resilience and courage in the face of danger earned him the admiration of the nation and cemented his legacy as one of the most beloved presidents in American history.

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8. Ronald Reagan's War on Drugs Still Has a Impact on America

In 1982, President Ronald Reagan declared a 'War on Drugs' campaign in an effort to combat the growing crack epidemic. He advocated for a militant approach to the issue, which included increased law enforcement, harsher penalties for drug-related offenses, and the establishment of drug-free zones in communities. Reagan's campaign was met with both praise and criticism, but it ultimately had a lasting impact on the way the United States deals with drug-related issues.

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9. Leader of the Screen Actors Guild

In 1941, Ronald Reagan was elected to the Board of Directors of the Screen Actors Guild, a labor union representing over 100,000 film and television performers. As a member of the Board, Reagan was responsible for negotiating contracts, protecting the rights of actors, and advocating for better working conditions. His tenure on the Board was marked by a number of successes, including the establishment of a pension plan for actors and the introduction of a minimum wage for performers. Reagan's experience on the Board of Directors of the Screen Actors Guild would later prove invaluable in his political career, as he was able to draw on his knowledge of labor relations and collective bargaining to help shape his policies as President of the United States.

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10. Reagan's Journey from President to Alzheimer's Patient

In 1994, Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, a progressive neurological disorder that affects memory, thinking, and behavior. This diagnosis marked the beginning of a long and difficult journey for the former President, who had to come to terms with the fact that his condition would only worsen over time. As a result, Reagan's family and friends had to adjust to the reality of his declining health, and the world had to come to terms with the fact that one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century was no longer able to make a meaningful contribution to society.

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Was the 40th President of the United States and held office from 1981 till 1989.